21 Days to Beauty through Radical Self-Love

We invite you to take our 21-Day Beauty Transmission. This journey honours and connects you to the 21 ingredients in the Pashmina Skin Cream. It literally creates beauty through radical self-love.

Everyone ordering a jar of Pashmina will receive a free book with the practices and teachings: The Story of Beauty – 21 Days to Beauty through Radical Self-Love.

See the first 3 days of the programme below to get an idea of what the book contains. It is also available in video and audio format


Take this incredible journey to your absolute, most beautiful expression of yourself. This 21 day transmission of the 21 active ingredients used in the Pashmina Skincare ritual is a teaching. It will reframe what beauty means and is; uncovering, recovering, repairing and enhancing your relationship to your physical body and your sense of self. For so long, so many of us have felt inadequate or lacking. We have disowned certain parts of our bodies, ones we judged or disapproved of. After 21 days of repatterning outdated and destructive ideas you will feel incredibly relaxed, incredibly gorgeous and have a strong sense of who you are and a feeling of belonging. You will no longer match yourself against any standard – you will embody and love and appreciate yourself in the most delicious way without judgement.

Each day on this journey is an opportunity to connect with a flower or plant teacher, an ingredient from the Pashmina Skincare ritual specifically chosen to transmit the powerful message of self-love. As women, we have alchemy, foraging and healing in our DNA. By connecting into the botanicals and nature offerings we activate their healing powers more intensely. We feel a sense of connection and remembering from ancient times when we collected wild flowers and herbs. When we put creams on our faces without knowing what is in them or acknowledging the plants, we lose out on the reciprocal relationship the natural world is waiting to share with us. Here is an opportunity to learn about the healing powers and gifts from nature and to know that every time you put Pashmina on your face, you are receiving these 21 gifts.


Each day has a meditation statement and a powerful practice. It can be done at any time of the day. Stay with it daily as after 21 days you will have the complete transmission. Enjoy your journey. Feel free to set up your own group of women and venture through this together in the age old tradition of passing on wisdom and secrets.

Order your Pashmina now and get a free printed book with the Pashmina 21 day beauty transmission and teaching.

Order your jar of  Pashmina and get a free audio and book to do the 21-days to Beauty through Radical Self-Love.


If you would like to invite your own group, family or friends to do the 21 day programme, feel free to get in touch for group discounts. Passing on the teaching to other women is a beautiful practice that is highly empowering and bonding. Thank you for participating in making our world more beautiful.


All our ingredients are sustainably harvested without harm to any creatures or humans. The healing qualities from the components in Pashmina are witness to our beautiful interaction with the natural world;and the amazing gift of swapping treasures with each other – the animals, the trees, herbs and plants. So many of us are in awe of the Immortal jellyfish after experiencing her essence. She ventured back into the sea after sharing her vibration with us and is now esteemed, held up in high regard and thanked by humans all over the planet for her incredible gift to us. Pashmina Skincare is safe, earth-friendly, handmade, natural, free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and parabens. The honey, beeswax and propolis are all 100% organic. The bees are not used for commercial pollination. No animal testing.

Dedicated to Aglaea the Greek goddess of beauty, splendour, glory, magnificence, and adornment.
Aglaea has a family tree steeped in healing. Her father Asclepius (known as the God of Healing) had five daughters all representing aspects of health we recognise today. Hygieia, is where the concept of hygiene originates. Panacea, is known for having the cure for any ailment. Aceso represents the healing process and Iaso stands for recuperation from illness. We love the way Aglaea representing beauty and all her attributes, is connected to the pillars of health.