This formula is specifically for animals. It works on dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, any animal you wish to help with healing. It is particularly useful for ageing dogs and cats allowing them to run and jump again, literally turning back the tyranny of time. It will really benefit any arthritic conditions, it works to regress tumours, it will definitely improve fur condition and general wellbeing and health of the pet.


Time is not the friend of any of our furry friends but with Immortal Pet we can regenerate their vitality immensely.

Because they have shorter lifespans than we do, the effect of the dose is more noticeable and faster, which really shows us the regenerative ability of the immortal jellyfish.

In addition to Immortality, it has the Golden Spiral to re-establish the archetypal form of the cells as well as turn back time. Immortality has been great at regenerating gums and eye health so any of the problems related to ageing will probably be positively benefitted by Immortal Pet. Whether you want to help an old pet or keep your younger pet healthy and youthful forever Immortal Pet will show immense benefits.

Here are some of the testimonials

“My cat was beginning to exhibit severe hip dysplasia symptoms but with daily dosing of Immortal Pet he is walking much better and can jump again.”

“After I gave Lucy her first dose, she jumped onto the couch and had so much energy. She hadn’t done that for ages, it was so heartwarming to see.”


Use on ageing pets to revitalise energy, on younger pets to keep them healthy. It is particularly good for pets that seem depressed, for those with arthritic symptoms, low energy and is meant to boost health and resilience when undergoing from any disease condition.


Turritopsis Dohrnii, Golden Spiral


Administer 5 drops directly in the mouth daily.